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The Institute has Closed

The Directors of the Australian Institute for Innovation have announced that the Institute ceased operation from the end of June, 2016 as it reached the end of its operational funding. The Institute was formed in August 2010. Its mission throughout its term of operation has been to bring the the perspective and knowledge of experienced and independent innovation participants to the development and implementation of innovation policy. In the early years the focus of the Institute was on highlighting the need for new policy; over time its commentary has shifted to commentary on critical policy developments.
The central theses of the Institute's insights are two: that innovation policy needs to address the separate innovation realms of research-led and design-led innovation, acknowledging that overlaps exist in policy and infrastructure; and that the primary impacts of policy should be on mobilising Australia's capabilities and connections, and standing prepared to assist at emerging inflection points of collaboration and market opportunity.
Paul Cheever, the Co-founder and Chief Executive of the Institute expressed thanks to his Directors, past and current, for their generous support, and said that closing the Institute would not mean the loss of its input. He added: “The credentials of the present and past Directors of the Institute has been extensive, representing exposure to more than 500 start-ups, and to the history of innovation policy development. Robert Trenberth AM a founding director, with a background of senior positons in industry, moved in the early 1990s to Government where he was part of the development of AusIndustry. John Grant AM founded Colonial First State Private Equity in 1984 (formerly, Hambro-Grantham Ltd) which was an early leader in technology
investment. He later designed the NZ Venture Investment Fund structure, and served as its Chair. Dr Bob Frater AO, one of Australia’s leaders in radio astronomy and a former Deputy Chief Executive at the CSIRO, oversaw the project for the development of WiFi. Julian Day has operated the Consensus Innovation awards program for 16 years, a program which has had almost 90% of its Award recipients subsequently achieve commercial success. Dr Barry Westlake and Tim O’Connor have been successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Paul McGinness is a acknowledged expert in IP and now consultant to Governments and industry on commercialization and strategic initiatives. Alistair McCreadie and I have had long connections with institutional and personal investment in venture activity. I have no doubt all of us will remain active in the innovation discussion."

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